5 Nurturing Ways to Revive Your Breast Health

Source | Bruce Mars

Source | Bruce Mars

How often do you think of your breasts? Besides the superficial thought of desiring perkier or bigger (smaller) boobs, how often do you think of its overall health?

There is the conventional method of a mammogram or the natural alternative of thermograms to best monitor any abnormalities. When it comes to protecting your breast health, there is no guarantee but you do have options to encourage health.

Rather than taking a wait and see approach, I encourage you to take action so that it empowers you to take back your health. Here are some quick measures to consider when supporting your breast health every day:

1. Do a regular breast massage.

I don’t mean just monthly self-exams but active massages that start at the armpit, go down the side of the body and then massage in toward the nipple. This helps with lymphatic flow and brings fresh blood to the breast tissue. Research out of U.C.–Berkeley also reveals that the mechanical action of squeezing can help prevent the growth of cancer cells in breasts.

Nothing feels relaxing and calming as a massage so why not treat your bosom to a regular monthly self-exam.  To do this: start at the armpit, go down the side of the body and then massage in a circular pattern towards the nipple. This massage will bring fresh blood and circulate lymphatic flow to the tissue. 

Be sure to use a moisturizer to soften and aid in massaging. I like to use an oil-based homemade combination of essential Rose oil, rosemary coconut oil, and vitamin E to restore and nourish my skin.

2. Buy organic.

Our food is constantly bombarded with toxic chemicals. One of the most common chemical agent typically used on conventionally grown produce is pesticides. When possible, opt to go organic and cleaner. Still not sure what to buy organically? Refer to the Dirty Dozens list of vegetables and fruits. Knowing which ones to buy organically will save you time and money. My general rule of thumb is to go organic for items that you typically eat the skin of like strawberries, apples, cucumbers, etc.

There’s no guaranteed that your food choices will protect you from cancer but making mindful choices will assist in your favor.

3. Sip on fresh and clean water regularly.

We all hear the old adage: be sure to get your eight cups of water daily. But, that’s actually misleading. In fact, the trick is to take your weight and divide by two to get the exact amount of ounces needed for complete water intake.

Now that’s out the way, drinking water is important because it fuels the cells, assists with nutrient absorption and flushes out toxins via the elimination channels. But, not all water is the same. Many sources of tap water contain traces of chloride, medications, and fluoride.

All of these chemicals are detrimental and are contributors to illnesses and cancers. I recommend finding a reputable spring water source and reduce drinking from plastic bottles. Such bottles, especially the thinner variety, are produced with plastic that contains hormonal-disrupting chemicals.

Minimize your risk and use glass containers when possible.

4. Glow from within, naturally.

Researchers have disclosed that there are so many personal care products that contain hormone-disrupting chemicals and carcinogens that are very harmful. Keep this in mind: your skin is the largest organ and it readily absorbs anything you put on it. So, if your favorite lotion is not something you would digest, why slather it on your skin? Go for natural, toxic-free, and chemical-free products for everyday use. My go-to for moisturizing will always be a combination of olive, avocado, and lavender with bergamot essential oils. Your skin will thank you.

5. Are you spiritually-plugged in?

It should go without saying how important it is for your spiritual being to be balanced in the path of being healthier- it’s all connected. Finding an activity that adds spiritual depth should steer you towards deepening your awareness. 

I suggest investing in a daily meditation practice that you can stick to. I use the notification feature on the app called Insight Timer to remind me. Oft times, I get caught up with other activities that I’ll forget to meditate. This app has been very helpful.

Studies have shown that meditation has been proven to suppress the genes that boost inflammation which can lead to illnesses and cancer.

Maybe meditation is not your thing and at times, it can take time to build up the ability to be still with a quiet mind. There is yoga or just simply taking a time-out in nature to reconnect with Source.

Our daily lifestyle routines should move you towards a healthier path. Your everyday choices- your sleep habits, exercise regimen, and social life should be in alignment towards being your best self.

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