4 Epic Ways To Turn Your Road Trip Into A Healthier One

Source | Simon Matzinger

Source | Simon Matzinger

Road trips are as equally great as the usual cruise ship voyage and jet-set flight journeys. You can see so many things on the road as the inner explorer is faced with a road that goes for miles. With great weather and an awesome playlist, the open road never fails to bring delight to hearts everywhere.

As sparkly as that roadie description can become the temptation to partake in a ton of unhealthy food choices. One must ponder, how can I possibly maintain a nutritious diet when a chili cheese dog looks so appealing?! Don’t fret! Consider these doable tips to keep you happy and healthy on the road:

1. Foodie strategy along the route requires planning!

One of the things that I love to do before I travel is: grabbing a map and planning an itinerary! I am a sucker for researching the local restaurants and checking out the reviews along the way. If you know where you are traveling to and which major roads you will be trekking on, take a few moments to scope out the local restaurants online.

Even visiting the local farmer markets on the road will allow you to spend time chatting with the local vendors. They will more likely give you some insider tips on the local organic foodie digs. If you do not think you will be visiting the vendors, there are many websites online that makes it super easy for you to search for sustainable restaurants that use organic and locally grown food. Eat Well Guide is one of them.

2. Back-up Foodie Stash? Bring the cooler

I love checking out TJ Maxx, Home Goods, or Marshall retailer stores for stocking up on healthy snacks. If you have any of these stores in your area, I highly recommend that you check them out. They have a wide array of healthier, budget-friendly snack options to choose from – popcorn, pretzels, nuts, and dried fruits.

Keep your snack stash into your cooler. This will keep you from purchasing the typical sugary and salty snacks that are typically sold (and at an overpriced tag) at pit stops.

3. Get your Zzzzs in the night before

I love being on the road to watch the sunrise mid-drive. Part of being able to do that is making sure that I stay alert by setting my sleep schedule to take full advantage of rest the night before.

Before your getting on the road, allow yourself to get to bed early and re-adjust your circadian rhythm. Doing so maintains that you will be attentive to being on the road and will prevent you from getting into accidents. So power off your phone (or turn on the “night” mode if you must), set your alarm clock and tuck yourself in!

4.  Make sure to get out and explore

Have you ever drive for hours and start to get a leg cramp? Yes, it can get very annoying so it is so important to get out of the car and get the rest of your body moving! By doing some movements your body can be able to restore the blood flow to avoid stiff legs and backaches.

Plus, it is spontaneous fun getting out of the car to explore for a while. Make sure to stash your sneakers should you decide to make an unplanned stop at the local park or nature trail. If you find yourself driving along the coast, take advantage of the refreshing waves courtesy of the beach.

If the ocean water is warm, even better! Warm water aids in digestion plus the calm ocean is relaxing to the body and soul. Sounds better than that chili cheese dog!

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