Let Me See Your Aura!


Suffering from creative blocks lately? Feeling a bit scatterbrained as you look over your to-do list for the 50th time?

Have you ever considered having your aura read?

Far from having your palm read to tell your future, having your aura photographed and read seems to be a popping trend that tells more about your energy and wellbeing!

So, what is an aura in the first place? Why is so important? Furthermore, what does it have to do with my health? Keep reading as I impart a little colorful knowledge (pun intended *wink*).

In the turn of the late 19th century, scientist extraordinaire Nikola Tesla was the first to observe that the body has its own auric field under certain conditions. An aura is your own personal electromagnetic field that surrounds you and has the ability to protect you from external emotions and thoughts especially from others. It works in tandem to your current state of health and responds fluidly to what is going on in your life and your mental state.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, as it turns out aura reading may have a possible scientific reason for the ability to read aura is called synesthesia. It is a condition that causes people who possess it to experience one sense when another sense is stimulated. Researchers have discovered that some healers go undiagnosed with the condition!

Not only can auras be felt and seen, but it can also be easily photographed. Aura or Kirlian photography is said to have been discovered in 1939 by an electrician and his wife, Semyon and Valentina Davidovich Kirlian. Their process involved ionizing the air around an object in a photo and any air will be visible as a layering of colors.

Today, many businesses produce and sell cameras capable of Kirlian’s discovery leading a simple way to get your aura taken. Some holistic centers go a little more high tech favoring to use sensory and it is all by simply placing your hand on a sensor plate.

The sensor reads your energy and transmits in an array of vibrating colors which is then taken as a snapshot. A trained aura reader can be able to decipher your snapshot to determine what changes can be made in your life so you can make your aura healthier.

Had your aura snapshot taken before? Here’s what each color means:

Red auras are a sign that you are working hard and are easily prone to feeling very stress from the pressure.

Source Unknown

Source Unknown

Orange auras are for the creative, fun-loving energy whose are usually active tending to their latest projects.

Yellow auras are associated with accomplishments and success. You are grounded in your goals and have a tendency to be a perfectionist.

Green auras are the color of love which may correlate to the energetic heart chakra which is also the color of emeralds. It also denotes transformation and relates to changes or transitions within relationships.

Blue auras mean that you are a sympathetic soul that emanates sensitivity to others.

Indigo or purple auras denote spirituality and that you possess intuition and heightened awareness.

Before you sign up and get a reading, consider taking a journal so you can jot down notes on how to best optimize your aura. Taking points can help you to recall instructions on how to take action to heal and transform your aura towards a healthier and brighter future.

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