Create a Personal Vision Statement That Speaks Volumes

Source | Plush Design Studio

Source | Plush Design Studio

My soon-to-be published book, "How To Kill Them with Kindness" is meant for inspiring leaders and bosses who lead with a decorum of a fair heart.

In this post, I share an excerpt on how to create a personal vision statement that works with and for you:

Change always requires the desire to make things happen. But in order for those very things to happen, a stated vision must be established to set up a certain foundation. It gives you a certain foundation. It gives you a certain direction towards achieving the success of your department.

Most business declare these visions in a form of a statement that vividly describes their most desirable outcomes for its company or organization.

But as a leader, do you have your own personal vision statement?

We all have plans that we strategically formulated and neatly scribbled on a journal or on a journal or on a Desktop somewhere. Or we talk with other like-minded colleagues and we share all our professional goals for the future.

But by adopting a powerful vision statement, you can positively jump-start your brain to put yourself into action to execute these plans. It’s a reminder to “Get it together!” and take action to make your dreams a reality. The good thing about this is that you can use this both professionally and personally.

So I would like you at this time to grab a pencil or pen, a sheet of paper and let’s get to work. I present to you some tips to create a personal vision statement that will transform you and can be easily apply and integrate in to your department:

It is very important to get in a positive mental state and jot down cue words that speak to you. At this moment, the last thing you would want are distractions. Select keywords that speak to you. Examples can be powerful, inspire or encourage.

Acknowledge who you are and what you intend to do. Do you want to cultivate, foster, empower?

Using the cue words, form a sentence. You can start with “I am…” which is a very powerful opening statement because it gears up your mind to be this very person you think of.

Here’s my example:

“I am a leader that continually inspires and encourages others to use their fullest creative potential.”

Keep it simple enough for you to memorize it. Remind yourself every other day- use it in part as an affirmation.

Store it somewhere so it reminds you every day. I keep my statement on the first page of my designated Create journal which I open daily or you can create it as an image to use on your PC Desktop or your mobile phone home screen.

The best part about the personal vision statement is that there is no right or wrong way of doing one because it is yours. Now, share it with your department during a meeting as a serving cornerstone to your message.

Words are very powerful so use them positively to invoke the change you desire. Remember, sharing is nothing to be ashamed about no matter how cheesy it may come across. Being fearless is inspiration and inspiration is the key.

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