Supercharge Your Productivity By Doing THIS in the Morning

Source | Luis Quintero

Source | Luis Quintero

Perhaps the most effective way to halt stress dead at its track is by adopting a morning routine. Having this tool can have the ability to set a positive tone for the rest of the day plus you are in control as to what your routine can be.

With so many things to do, you can: meditate, finish a chapter from your favorite book or spend extra time on a decadent breakfast of strawberry waffles with dark chocolate sauce.

Alternatively, you can just opt to squeeze in a workout.

Now before you say, “Yeah, no thanks” hear me out!

A recent study conducted at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute discovered that exercising at the start of your day can assist you in making smarter decisions!

The study also found that a morning routine of a moderate-intensity exercise (think: sprinting, running, moderately paced yoga flow, whatever you enjoy!) can improve cognitive performance all through the day.

What is a cognitive performance? This refers to your everyday mental processes towards short-term memory and decision making.
The researchers also looked at the effects of a morning round on the treadmill with and without quick three minute walks during a typical workday, an eight-hour shift of sitting for a long period.

The conducted evaluation looked at the patient’s ability to concentrate and cognition. These different aspects included: attention, visual learning, psychomotor function, working memory, and decision-making.

It turns out that the protein that is produced by the body when we exercise increased when the patients did an early morning fitness routine. This surge of proteins is beneficial for brain health as it leads to better cognitive function that lasts all day!

It should be also worth a mention that you may want to avoid sitting for prolonged periods as well. Take a quick walk around the office or go outdoors if you can to take in the fresh air, sunlight (if weather permits) and move your legs.

Consider becoming a morning person and take your breaks. It will make you more productive!

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