Light Me Up! A Beauty Look at LED

Source | Daria Rem

Source | Daria Rem

Light-emitting diode light facial or Color Light Therapy utilizes four clinically proven UV-free light wavelengths that state to treat existing acne, smooth wrinkles and boost collagen.

The treatment is noninvasive and you can see improvements without any downtime. Since its inception in the cosmetic world, this technology is accessible to everyone via at-home devices.

Dermatologists are raving about it because now patients do not have to succumb to irritating skin treatments to experience results.

This is awesome news because those glycolic peels can be harsh! I remember that time I walk out of the spa with a rather inflamed cherry face.

No matter how careful the esthetician tries, most facial chemicals can trigger inflammation; whereas, some LEDs do not.

The typical process involves a skin examination by a licensed esthetician where he or she will inspect the skin for sun damage signs. It is followed by gentle steam to open the pores and exfoliation to remove dirt and makeup. Then the esthetician places the LED device over the client’s head for the treatment. The device emits four different LED lights which the esthetician operates manually. Each light corresponds to a specific function:

Red: penetrates the deepest as it stimulates the fibroblasts (the major cell responsible for wound repair) to activate collagen production. Dramatic improvement for firmer skin was seen in 10 weeks to 6 months from consistent use. It should also be noted that it helps to lower skin inflammation from acne and rosacea.

Blue: destroys the bacteria on the skin’s surface that causes pimples. This light is effective when combined with a topical treatment of retinoids to further combat acne.

Yellow: is known to shift and elevate moods. While this color is not used for specific skin treatment, it does encourage feelings of happiness and calmness which ultimately aids towards slowing aging. High level of genuine happiness and less stressful episodes helps to lower the cortisol levels- the hormone responsible for premature aging.

Purple: Taken from the combination of applying both the red and blue light simultaneously, purple provides the benefits of both worlds: anti-acne and anti-aging. It is also great for those who suffer from red, inflamed acne skin.

After being submerged in glowing light for a few minutes, the esthetician extracts the skin for any whiteheads and/or blackheads. To follow up with the cleansing process, a cooling mask can be added for maximum hydration and skin restoration.

Final word

Our skin cells hold red LED light receptors that respond favorably to the light therapy. Imagine the twinkles that take place beneath the skin surface?! This magical method has a multifaceted approach that has been proven to be an effective tool for boosting collagen production and lowering acne flare-ups.

With its accessibility and dermal benefits, I think its worthy of as an addition to the skincare routine. In fact, it may be a very important one. It is not far from the future where we may see the technology readily available in all doctor offices, spas, and homes. Neutrogena offers a Light Therapy Acne Mask for less than $30 a pop and is available at most drugstores.

What do you think? Would you consider the tool as part of your skincare repertoire? Comment below on which color you think your skin would benefit the most.

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