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I Stopped Drinking Coffee! Here's What Happened

Last Saturday, I decided to embark on a journey I have never done before- releasing my need for caffeine. Yes, I put down the coffee mug in favor of turmeric and ginger tea. You would think, “Well Jazz, that can’t be! Don’t you love coffee?!” Well, yeah! But, I realized how severely dependent I was on the stimulant to the point where the dependency became a consistent routine. Here is my account on what happened and what helped to kick the habit.

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Is the Caffeine in Your Cup Ruining Your Health?

In my studies, I knew the advantages and disadvantages of drinking coffee and the idea of having to slow down or letting go of the beverage always seemed harsh. I discovered that caffeine reacts with your body depended on the body’s metabolic level! In this post, I share a overview of how caffeine reacts to the body and advice on what you can do to help cut back!

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