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How To Eat Like A Health Guru at the Cookout

The summer holiday eats seems to be one of the challenging times of the year because of the assorted food and drink selections at social events. We all love the summer parties but they don’t have to sabotage your diet neither. In this post, I have a few tips on how to think and eat like a health guru at the next cookout.

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Apple Pocket Pies | Yummy + Vegan

Nothing says like a warm apple with cinnamon flavors and golden crust with the aroma of pumpkin spices. Now, before you say why pumpkin spices?! Here’s why: In my test kitchen, I found that the spice actually complements the tart of the apples quite deliciously. Not convinced? Give this recipe a shot this weekend before your cookout. You’ll mostly not want to share it with anyone!

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