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Perfectly Poisoned : What You Need To Know About C8

Last night on Netflix, I watched the 2018 documentary, The Devil We Know and was distraught and successfully annoyed by the corporate havoc of DuPont and the impact it caused Americans using the chemical, C8. The documentary exposed a great deal of information and emotional accounts from those who suffered. I just knew I had to share with the collective on what the chemical is and how to protect oneself and their family.

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Out with Disposables and In with Reusables?

Yesterday Terracycle, the renowned global recycling company, announced its initiative to promote the use of reusable packaging for food, beauty, and personal care products. The initiative is called Loop and it is a one-of-kind program set to encourage major manufacturers to favor the sustainable shift from disposable to the new. Find out more here!

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Attack of the Microplastics: Here's What You Need To Know

Did you know that over 400 million tons of plastic are globally made each year? What is more, one-third of that plastic waste ends up in our freshwaters and soils. Plastic is notorious for taking thousands of years to break down and deteriorate into smaller pieces (usually about five millimeters long in size) to eventually become microplastics. Microplastics are becoming more widespread as they are making their way into things we use on a daily basis: bottled water, honey, salt, toothpastes and hand sanitizers to name quite a few.

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