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The One Thing That Helped Me to Recover FAST Post-workout

After many setbacks from schedule challenges and an influx of projects I totally forgot I committed to, I decided to put my foot down and commence my endless squat and hip thrust routine! This time, I decided to try something different. I decided to stop over planning my workout routines. Of course, after getting my bum out of sloth mode, I was confronted with the inevitable next day sore muscles. The recovery is not something I entirely look forward to especially after hitting the quads and butt heavy. This is another fraction of the reason why I kind of fell off from my fitness high. I needed to find a recovery method that works fast so I turned to a mineral.

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Create A Fitness Habit You Can Stick To

The New Moon in Sagittarius brought forth some optimism and fresh beginnings. Since Sadge is astrologically associated to rule the hips and thighs, it would make sense to harness the straightforward energy of the fiery moon to start active fitness regimens that are easily attainable. So how can you stay consistent so you don’t lose track? Start a game plan that is realistic and structured to fit your existing schedule. Then, once you have your plan constructed, proceed forward with action! Here are a few strategies to help you implement processes that can work for you!

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