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5 Indestructible Ways To Use Criticism To Your Benefit

No one enjoys criticism. It can ruin your whole day. In fact, it has a tendency to purge up all the negative feelings you had from previous critiques. Making you feel as though your hardworking attempts are epic fails. It makes receiving compliments difficult because you doubt yourself based on criticism, both inner and outer. But, nothing could be further from the truth.  You see, it is all about perception and reception. How do you perceive yourself in a healthy light? Do you believe in yourself? Even if one person sent you feedback from their perception, did it still change how you felt about your work or yourself? The better equipped you are about WHO you are, the easier it becomes to use the tools to help you handle critique and feedback.

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How To Build More Patience in 3 Steps

I was always in the rush to get things done for the sake of getting to the end product as fast as I could with less BS as possible. This destructive, impatient path led me to having to deal with the dark shadows of my soul. It was in need of a breakthrough. In the present, my patience has dramatically increased to the point where others have noticed. But like every art, this sculpture took time so in this post, I share my three tips on how to develop patience.

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