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v i d e o | Anxiety and How To Just Deal: 5 Simple Natural Practices You Can Do

Let’s face it, everyday anxiety affects us all and it should be no surprise that it affects millions of Americans across the nation. From dealing with the stresses from work, school and home, it can leave one feeling overwhelmed with worry and excessive overthinking tendencies. In this video, I share 5 simple natural practices you can do to encourage a calmer state of mind amidst an anxious episode.

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Say Buh Bye to Holiday Anxiety

The holidays always marks a time for celebration, good cheers, happy traditions with family and friends; but the days leading up to such celebratory activities can be stressful and encourage intense anxiety. For some people, the act of attending parties like work holiday dinners can be just as terrifying especially for those suffering with social anxiety disorders. There are natural ways to cope and in this post, I share some methods to ease some of your holiday troubles.

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Mindfulness: How to Travel Full of Style & Zen

Are you a nervous flyer? Does the sound of the engines whirring cause you to kind of hyperventilated? Using mindfulness tactics can ease you of anxiety symptoms related to the fear of flying thus allowing you to stay calm and be in the driver seat of your emotions. To learn more, keep reading before departing for your holiday getaway!

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