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The Rundown on One Minute Sprints

Running wasn’t my thing as I grew into adapting into a more active lifestyle. Even as a kid, playing tag quickly turned into a cheetah sprint. I think it is my need for an adrenaline rush at times. So it came as no surprise as an adult when I discovered that sprinting became my favorite go-to when it is comes to cardiovascular activity. It doesn’t take much time to get the heart rate up while toning major leg muscle groups. Here is what happens to your bod when you sprint and how you can get the most out of it.

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Is Running Really Worth It?

I’m sure you have heard of conflicting advice about running at least once or twice in your life; everything from fast tracking into arthritis to “worsening the lower back and knees”. Amidst the aches and injuries stories, it can leave you wondering, “Is Running really right for me?” We all know that running is a great cardio exercise to supplement your fitness journey. But it seems that one injury (or taking a risk for that matter) has the capability to scare a person away from turning the speed up on the treadmill. I decided to clear some things up. Here is a general Q&A on why I think running may be worth your while.

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