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v i d e o | BossBaes.NYC on THWFRNY SOCIAL SUNDAZE

If you are an entrepreneur, you know how difficult it can be to squeeze in a little time-out for yourself. Between the seemingly endless to-do list and the influx of e-mails and correspondences, it can get pretty intense. You are bound to lose track of time and struggle to find the opportunity to give self-care a priority. So I invited Christine Medina and Jennifer Lyn, the creators of the empowering movement BossBaes.NYC, to share their insights on how they make self-care work for the modern entrepreneur. Grab your notepad. You are going to want to take notes!

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4 Mindful Ways To Transform Your Anger

In a world where we constantly bombarded with negative issues, anger is always the go-to behavior when our world seems like it is falling apart. But, we do it to our detriment. There are methods to address the anger and transform it so that it better serves you and your health. Here are four steps you can do to dissect the behaviors, move out your anger and swap it with some positivity.

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