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v i d e o | Plant Based Mornings + Staying Grounded

Before I became a vegetarian, I had often struggled with finding energy to get me through the day. Plus, my diet sucked even though I was trying to maintain a consistent gym schedule. I was always in a rush to get things done too that after arriving to work, I felt like I just clocked in hours ago! I was tired and stressed between the hectic morning run and traffic. After much research and trial and error, I discovered that the best thing to do was to put the focus on consuming whole foods and greens and grounding my energy, especially at the start of the day.

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Three Delicious and Quick Recipes Using the Good Fat Avocado

Regarded as the good fat, Avocados are a delicious, healthy treat for those tacos, nachos, rice bowls, and so much more. If you ever need more monounsaturated goodness, consider the oily berry fruit as an accessory to the best dressed entrée, in moderation, of course! Jam packed with taste, nutrition and easy preparation, here are my favorite avocado lunches or dinner recipes for you to try!

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