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I am sure you can agree that fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet. Almost every day, another piece of research or another news story almost always talks about the risk-reducing power of fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables contain an array of nutritional elements that offer numerous health benefits for our bodies – nutrition that we simply can’t get from old-fashioned vitamin pills. The thousands of nutrients found in fruits and vegetables work together in our bodies in ways that science is just beginning to explore.

Source: JuicePlus+

Source: JuicePlus+

The message is clear: we need more of the healthful whole food nutrition of fruits and vegetables in our diets, every day. It’s the one thing almost everyone agrees we can do to improve our health and reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, and cancer. Unfortunately, most people don’t eat nearly enough fruits and vegetables, and certainly not every day.

Juice Plus+® helps bridge the gap.

Juice Plus+® is the convenient and inexpensive way to add nutrition from fruits and vegetables to your diet every day. Juice Plus+® Orchard, Garden and Vineyard Blends contain concentrated nutrition from 30 different fruits, vegetables and grains. Each ingredient is specially selected to provide a wide range of nutritional benefits. We call it “the next best thing to fruits and vegetables.”

Juice Plus+® is not a vitamin.

Unlike old-fashioned vitamin supplements, Juice Plus+® provides whole food based nutrition from a wide assortment of nutritious fruits and vegetables. This means that Juice Plus+® contains a much wider variety of naturally occurring vitamins, antioxidants, and other phytonutrients than traditional vitamin supplements. These nutrients work together in powerful combination to provide you more of the nutritional benefits you get from eating healthful whole foods.

Juice Plus+® is inexpensive, too.

You might expect that a high-quality, clinically proven nutritional product like Juice Plus+® would cost a lot of money. It doesn’t. Taking Juice Plus+® Orchard and Garden Blend capsules or chewables costs less than $1.50 a day. Adding Juice Plus+® Vineyard Blend to the other two blends costs less than $2.50 a day combined.

The trio set brings all three blends and cost $71.25 in 4 month installments (the chewable version cost $76.75 in four month installments).

If you would like to try just the orchard and garden blends cost $44.50 in four month installments (the chewable version cost $47.50 in four month installments).

If you like berries and feel that your diet gets sufficient greens, try the vineyard blend- cost $28.25 in four month installments (the chewable version cost $30.75 in four month installments).

I also sell nutritional shakes and snack bars: Complete Shake Mix is a nutritional drink mix. Try it for a natural protein boost around workouts or to fuel up after a long day. Comes in French Vanilla (so delicious! I mixed in my gluten free pancakes) and Dutch Chocolate. 13 grams of protein, vegan, 8 grams of fiber, non-diary, and low glycemic.

Any one flavor, brings 4 pouches of 15 servings (60 total servings) $30.75 in four monthly installments.

If you like variety and would like a combination of both, order the variety pack which brings 2 pouches of each flavor for a total of 4 which brings 60 total servings. Cost $30.75 in four monthly installments.

These shakes come in single servings for the on-the-go enthusiasts! Great for traveling to stash in your carry-on! These cost $33.25 in four monthly installments.

The Complete Nutrition Bars deliver a perfect snack for any diet. These bars satisfy hunger like no other and the taste is phenomenal then compared to most protein bars. Comes in Tart Cherry + Honey or Dark Chocolate + Fig (my personal favorite).

Any one flavor, brings 60 bars and cost $32.50 in four monthly installments.

There is also the variety pack which brings 30 bars of each flavor for a total of 60 bars cost $32.50 in four monthly installments.

You also have the option to just buy 30 bars, any flavor in one single purchase- no installments, just a flat fee of $55.00.


Juice Plus+® is backed by clinical research conducted at leading universities.

Juice Plus+® is the most thoroughly researched brand-name nutritional product on the market today. More than 30 published clinical studies confirm the healthful benefits of Juice Plus+®, including a healthier immune system, improved cardiovascular health, reduced oxidative stress, reduced DNA damage, and healthier skin and gums.

Interested in Juice Plus+? I encourage you take a look at the website courtesy of this hyperlink:

Jasmine’s JuicePlus+

In addition, there are no contracts just your commitment towards experiencing a healthier you- the organic, farm fresh way! You can cancel your order at any time. No pressure! 

Thank you for thinking about your health. My goal is to see everyone educated about wellness and to introduce a brand that I trust  If you have questions on how JuicePlus+ is made, making your first purchase or just have a general question, do not hesitate to contact me below!